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Behind Moonlight Kombucha & Co, there's Ysé Avolio, swiss and italian, who's passionate about many things, but primarly Kombucha ! Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved tasting new drinks. I was sometimes drawn to the label, the color or simpy the flavors. Throughout the years, I haven't lost my interest into drinks but it got bigger and focused on healthy and more natural drinks.

During a trip to Los Angeles, CA, I come across Kombucha, health drink ful of probiotics. Kombucha was gaining a lot of popularity back then and still is, but what I loved about it was the tarty-acidic taste of it contrasted with the flavours, sometimes sweet and fruit, sometimes spicy and strong. But mostly because it was a healthy alive drink, and no other drink can label itself as alive and healthy on the market !

Food is the main base of our health. In today's society, we always want to make things happen wuickly and in a rush. I am more than convinced that some businesses out there can make a difference and offer healthier and greener options on the market, so that it benefit both sides. That's where Moonlight Kombucha is born : probiotic alive fermented drink, which makes a great alternative to oversweet industrial drinks and alcohol.

The journey started in a very modest way : in my mom's basement! Years passed by, the Kombucha got better and has it's own brewery, based in Marly Innovation Center in Fribourg, CH !



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